The Chandigardh Property Online portal has also well-thought-out the service required by the NRI (Non Resident Indians)/ PIO's (Person of India Origin) and other overseas Nationals. Subject upon their requirement, we have a studied team to handle the queries for all the overseas clients. With their know-how and proficiency of years in dealing with overseas nationals they the team has developed an extensive strategy even for their minute requirement.

The requirement can be many; let it be property counsel, loan touching the property, when and where to invest, finance for the property interested in, identity proof requirement (Pan Card) related to the documents in terms of Property dealing, OCI and PIO application, settlement advice, estimation/survey of intent property, wills, TDS on acquisition of property, UK/India tax returns and company formation, wealth management and tax saving Security. From tip to toe all the requisite will be handled by the team with no level of disappointment since the upper management team will closely look into the affairs for all kinds of big business. The team takes care of your intentions for investment and will close the right kind of property per your requirement, comforts and all other factors of living out of which security and trust is at the utmost level.

Chandigarh the capital of Punjab and Haryana is one of the strategic cities of India. The city is in the fourth spot in the list of fastest growing cities.Out of fifteen years of know-howand also, as per the survey anyone and everybody who has expressed interest In investing property in Chandigarh has always been in takings. The prerequisite for the property, let it be residential or commercial, is flourishing day by day in Chandigarh and the area surrounded. Having said this builder and contractors are concentrating on building into building up-to-date apartments. Also, are focusing on given that basic facilities and other luxury like kids' / garden / swimming pool / gym / community hall and other sports.

Some known areas where people find their most of the interest is Greater Mohali close by Chandigarh which consist of advance infrastructure which are ready for public utilities like: Highways / Green Parks / Professional Colleges / Schools / International Airpot. Also, new developing sectors of Mohali have direct connectivity to Chandigarh / Ludhiana / Khanna / Delhi / Ambala / Himachal Pradesh etc. Zirakpur has turned into a commercial capital of the Tricity section which earlier was a hub for C&F agents of big multinationals. Having said this, every brand has made their presence here. Big Bazaar,Cineplex,Wal-Mart for all your shopping needs and the new binding in the name of Metro Cash and Carry.

Now this is not enough to say Chandigarh as a whole has technologically advanced so much, even the big IT establishments like The list Tech Mahindra / Infosys / Cognizant / IBM / Dell have expanded their reach here. Economically, it is the right place to invest and the right time, since the market is booming everyday the demand for the property is also booming.

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To buy a residential property in India has become the most difficult yet crucial thing to go for. Finding the property per your requirement necessitates a lot of time and effort and money. There are lists of competitors to buy and sell property. Yet Chandigarh property online portal is the leading ones which will assist you from finding the property till you get the possession.

Chandigarh property online will guide you through before buying and after buying steps to be considered while investing in property.

  • Placing your requirement at the right place, so that you get exposed to the property of your choice. This helps you to save your time an effort while dealing with property matters.
  • Once chosen you may feel the requirement to Refer to civil advocate and present the copy of property legal document and other family identity proof.
  • Your checklist should include GEFT Certificate (VAO certificate its alike to Sale Deed for community use)
  • The must requirement is to check if the land owner has acquired any loan from Bank
  • Once you have clear all your doubts relate to the property, you can go for a token amount to book the property you have shown interest in, which blocks your booking.
  • We shall further guide you from the finance company for the loan procedure.
  • Ensure to have all required stamp paper onthe time registration date.
  • Once the land is in under your name you can also vouch Income Tax clearance (37-I and 230 A):
  • Society clearance and membership
  • Taking possession of the flat

Selling property in India compared to buying property might be laid-back, yet it is tricky and risky. You may not believe in selling your asset to anyone who pitches the money. Since, the asset is yours, you need the perfect investor for your asset. One needs to be very choosy while selling the property to someone. There are risk involved in terms of property fairs, hence you need proper guidance to avoid uncertainties and risk involved in property matters. Chandigarh property online portal, sanctions you to list your property you famine to sell and directs it to the right buyer.

With the help of the portal, you may not sense the need to reach out of many other builders and developers in town because the portal does it all for you.

Many who are in search of Job and school relocating to various cities of India, since Chandigarh has booming in terms of property fair and other community fairs to facilitate the need of the public, many relocations are taking place in the city. Due to the rise of relocation from various other cities, NRI, College students who opt for renting.Chandigarh property online portal has expanded their reach to each one of them who intend to rent a property.

We provide the best facility as per your requirement. Due to this emerging trend, Chandigarh Property has advanced their service in renting. Colleges, Particularly the new once don't have boarding house facilities. It companies do not solve relocations issues faced by the employees. Some colleges who have hostel offer poor facilities, are in a mess, and don't provide the required atmosphere, yet student opt for since they do not have a choice ad so do employees. And to solve all the above queries, Chandigarh Property Online provides a renting facility considering yours. It includes, AC and Non AC (As per preference), furnished, semi-furnished or under furnished room, Internet facilities, Medical assistance a surrounding where you can survive peacefully, also, a wide range for you to choose from single-bed to four-bed accommodations.

Not many can opt for renting a property, only the person who feels the need to rent a property opt for renting a property. And one cannot simply rent a property. Only authorized person can rent a property. Since there are major amount of risk involved pertaining to property fairs, there are certain conditions applicable while giving away the propertyfor rent. Chandigarh property online helps you in fulfilling all the conditions pertaining to rent a property.

Finding the property to rent as per your requirement necessitates a lot of time and effort and money. There are lists of competitors to buy and sell property. Yet Chandigarh property online portal is the leading ones which will assist you from finding the property till you get the possession.

Chandigarh property online will educate you to every condition applicable while dealing with rent. List of conditions includedfor finding the required property per your budget and requirement, token for blocking the intended property, the agreement of the rent for 11 months, NOC and etc., So, if you are someone who have relocated and do not carry much knowledge in terms of renting or property or other property matters, Chandigarh property online the leading portal will guide you at the best and remove your queries.

With the Chandigarh Property Online portal, we are giving the chance for NRI's to invest into the property. Though the fact remains that the property prices in the world are dipping, but the propertyinvestment in India is drumming. Which has forced overseas nationals to invest in real estate. Over a period of time the realization of Investing the property in India will not bring any regret. Also, as per the Foreign Exchange Mngmt Act an Indian citizen who is anoccupant outside India universally known as a Non Resident Indian has the go-ahead for the next activities with reference to the acquisition and transfer of immovable property in India:-

  • Investing into property like a farm house which can be profitable instead of investing in agricultural land (Unless you have any plans on agriculture land
  • You can also purchase real estate with the thought of gifting .
  • If the NRI has future plan in India for business, then investing in commercial property is wise.

Yet, before investing in real estate the NRI should cautiously prepare the rudimentary objective or the determination of creating investment in real estate sector in India. At every stage the strategy will differ relied on the property chosen. As well, the stratagem for investment will be altered in a condition where the NRI would like to buy real estate with the interest only of building money at the time of selling the assets.

Looking at the flourishing rise in the property sector, it is a good decision to invest in properties. Not only residential land, but also commercial land who has proposed business plans should give it a thought of investing in commercial property instead of renting a house and spending huge amounts in rent.

While commencing in commercial property, you should be wise in below listed factors:

  • A minimum requirement before dealing in commercial property is to evaluate your positive income because the Net operating revenue of a commercial real estate property is designed by valuating the property's first year gross operating revenue and later subtracting the operating overheads for the first year.
  • The property capitalization rate is used to calculate the worth of income generating properties. Capitalization amounts are used to estimate the net present worth of future profits or cash flow; this is called capitalization of remunerations.
  • And the most crucial is how is your cash flow, while investing in commercial a business owner should keenly evaluate the cash flow formulae this small consideration when taken in place leads to a proper planning of buying commercial property.

The way things are planned out when investing in property, one should also plan while selling commercial property. With over global experience Chandigarh Property Online portal you can list your commercial property and we will expose you to the right clients. Being the corporate person, one may not have enough time to put in enough efforts while selling the business asset, hence requisite one portal to be trusted upon where you can trust our for commercial property to watch over. Knock our doors while dealing in commercial property and we will take care of all the affairs related to the property.